Piercing septum

Septum piercing is a puncture of the nasal septum - under the cartilage or through the cartilage. Properly selected jewelry allows you to visually correct the shape of the nose and its proportions.. If desired, you can make more than one puncture, and a few, choosing effectively matching jewelry. Products made from nickel-free gold and implant titanium are considered the most suitable.

The technique has gained enormous popularity and is widespread both in the youth underground environment, so do glamorous celebrities. Septum piercing - the choice of those, who follows the dress code, since jewelry - retainers and circulars - can be tucked into the nose and made invisible.

Name of service Price, RUB.
Replacement earrings – Replacing earrings 10
Eyebrow piercing – Eyebrow piercing 15
Lip piercing – Lip piercing 15
Catheter piercing without earring (secondary) – Piercing with catheter without earring (secondary) 10
Nose piercing (catheter) – Nose piercing (catheter) 15
Nose piercing (with a pistol) – Nose piercing (pistol) 10
Navel piercing – Navel piercing 15
Piercing septum – Piercing septum 15
Ear piercing 1 ear (piss) – ear piercing 1 ear (lobe) 10
Ear piercing 2 ear (piss) – Ear piercing 2 ears (lobe)/td> 15
Industrial ear piercing 1 ear – Industrial ear piercing 1 ear 25
Cartilage piercings 1 ear (catheter) – cartilage piercing 1 ear (catheter) 20
Cartilage piercings 1 ear (a gun) – cartilage piercing 1 ear (pistol) 15
Tongue piercing – Tongue piercing 15

When piercing the septum, there are practically no restrictions on the choice of jewelry (bananas are not recommended - due to the lack of a pronounced center of gravity, they can slide to the side and look not very aesthetically pleasing).

The technique of the procedure: septum piercing

  • The puncture site is disinfected and, if necessary, anesthetized;
  • the nose is fixed with special forceps, after which the puncture is performed directly.

Manipulations are performed using disposable needles and catheters. Duration of the procedure - approx. 1 minutes.

Septum puncture is one of the most painless. The formation of the canal and complete healing takes from 2 to 8 weeks. The procedure is contraindicated for runny nose and acute allergic reactions.. The main condition for the rehabilitation period is compliance with hygiene rules..

Wound treatment with chlorhexidine solution is indicated twice a day.. After a piercing, do not twist the jewelry. It is recommended to refrain from visiting solariums for a month after the procedure., swimming pools, saunas and baths. To avoid unwanted health effects, Septum piercing should only be done by professionals.