Hair removal – the fight against body hair.

About, that smooth skin is an indicator of good taste and the ability to take care of oneself, in Europe learned from Eastern women. Since then, a huge number of ways to combat unwanted hair on the body have appeared.. Modern cosmetology offers many types of Epilation and Depilation that allow you to forget about unwanted hairs for a long time , and with new technologies –  even forever !..

How does hair removal differ from depilation??

Depilation– removes the hair shaft, without affecting its root. This includes regular shaving., depilation with cream,phytoresin, waxing or Sugaring – waxing with sugar – (even removes fluff) !

Hair removal – removes hair forever !!! This occurs due to damage to the hair follicle. In this case, the hair is removed along with the root., and its growth slows down more and more until, until it stops completely !!!

Main types of modern hair removal…

  • Electroepilation (electrolysis, thermolysis ).
  • Light hair removal : laser and photoepilationwhich was preferred by the cosmetologists of the Grail beauty salon !.. Having tried all the methods of modern hair removal – our experts agreed that ,that Photoepilation is based on the latest advanced Israeli technology (cold lamp)today is the most effective and painless method of permanently removing unwanted hair !!!
  • Photoepilation- El grial salon in Alicante deals with any hair color !, with any depth of the hair follicle ! Absolutely painless ! In the fight against hair removal – At the same time, it has a rejuvenating effect on your entire skin. !!! Affordability of photoepilation at a beauty salon “Grail” – dictates the huge resource of the Israeli Photoepilator , created using the latest innovative technologies !!!

Any type of hair removal has its contraindications, therefore, before carrying out it, you should definitely consult with a specialist. He will help you choose the safest method for you., which will help remove all unwanted hair.  If you have no contraindications to Photoepilation, then you will be able to enjoy your clean for a long time , soft and smooth skin !…