Treatment and hair straightening

To date, all Greymy Professional products are based on a unique innovative formula. Its structure is a complex of high-tech compounds based on plant DNA and components native to the Swiss Alps and a number of other countries, where environmental concerns come first. First of all, Switzerland is famous as the most mountainous country in Europe.. Alpine mountains – important climatic divide in Europe. To the south – tropical Mediterranean landscapes, to the north and west of them there are territories with a temperate climate. The sources of large rivers are located in the Alps (Reina, Ron's, Po, Danube), as well as numerous lakes of glacial origin (Geneva, Bodenskoye and others.). Alpine meadows lie at an altitude of 2000 to 3000 meters. In the regions of the Alpine mountains, scientists have identified 13 000 plant species. I would also like to say that, that the Alps are a source of minerals, which have been mined by humans for several thousand years. Thus, it is no coincidence that a unique formula for restoration was developed, straightening, hair protection and nutrition Greymy Professional, originate in Switzerland, after all, it was here that scientists were able to find all the necessary, environmentally friendly ingredients to create a new generation of high-tech hair care products. Lasting effect up to 6 months. Cost of treatment and hair straightening Greymy Professional in Alicante. You can purchase Greymy Professional cosmetics in the beauty salon “El grial salon”.