No orange peel! Anti-cellulite massage.

Some women have a misconception, that cellulite is only an aesthetic defect, However, it is not. Cellulite appears when, when, due to muscle inactivity, the circulation of lymph and blood is disrupted and the so-called “stagnant effect” occurs. Thus, The external unattractiveness of cellulite in the form of tubercles is just the tip of the iceberg. In this case, the stagnant process has already started, and aesthetic cosmetology will no longer help. Let's say no to orange peel! Anti-cellulite massage.

The effectiveness of anti-cellulite massage

"Orange peel" signals that, that she needs to change her lifestyle. After all, cellulite occurs due to poor nutrition., inactivity, smoking and alcohol. If you see unattractive bumps on your body, it's time to change something. Although changes in lifestyle need to be supplemented with auxiliary procedures.

Anti-cellulite massage gives the fastest results. It represents the impact of hands on the waist, life, buttocks, hips, feet, arms and back, who have undergone cellulite, by using. During the anti-cellulite massage, muscles are also stimulated, and joints, and adipose tissue, and fascia. As a result, there is a clear effect of the procedure:

  • Microcirculation increases, blood flow increases, relieves general muscle tension;
  • Toxins are removed from tissues, causing cellulite;
  • Corrects the functioning of the lymphatic system with the breakdown of existing fat deposits and elimination of fluid retention.

Thus, unevenness and bumps begin to smooth out and the appearance of the skin improves significantly.

Features of the massage procedure

Anti-cellulite massage is done using draining or lifting massage oil and using different techniques. These include kneading, rubbing, pressing, stroking and moving. An indicator of the skill and professionalism of the massage therapist is the absence of pain and bruises after the session..

Before anti-cellulite massage, it is necessary to prepare in advance. Eg, specialists at the El grial salon do not recommend doing this procedure with a full stomach.

Also consider auxiliary methods to combat cellulite, because with just one massage you are unlikely to quickly get smooth, even skin. Other types of massage can help here, wraps, myostimulation and cryolipolysis.