A variation of massage and its effectiveness

There are a huge variety of types of massage. Types of massage and its effectiveness depend on the area of ​​application, methods, goals and areas of influence. It can be therapeutic and prophylactic, medical and cosmetic, cosmetic and sexual, local and general, superficial and deep, etc. The masseur can use his hands, feet or use devices and massagers. Honey is used, essential oils, chocolate, ice.

Let's look at a few popular methods...

Honey massage

The massage therapist first applies honey to his palms and the patient’s body., and upon completion of the procedure, cleans off the sticky pulp with a towel. The impact can be on any part of the body, but most often it's the back. This procedure helps strengthen the immune system, heal joints and spine, defeat cellulite, get rid of stress, make the skin elastic and silky.

Vacuum roller massage

This is an advanced technique for combating cellulite and fat deposits.. A special installation, using vacuum vacuum, captures skin and fat folds and kneads them with moving rollers. The device is programmed individually and due to this, one or another effect is achieved: lymph flow and blood circulation are normalized, the walls of blood vessels are strengthened, fat is broken down, muscle tone and skin turgor increase, body contours are modeled.

Massage for cellulite

Many women suffer from cellulite - a disorder in the structure of subcutaneous fat in the abdomen., hips, buttocks and other areas. Massage treatments help cope with this problem., performed in problem areas. As a result of deep kneading and rubbing of these parts of the body, blood circulation improves., microcirculation is restored. Often anti-cellulite massage is combined with lymphatic drainage - removing excess fluid and toxins from the intercellular space.

Cold and hot wraps are used to enhance the anti-cellulite effect. It helps to shape your figure, improve skin tone and even neutralize stress. Anti-cellulite mixture is applied to the skin (healing mud, clay, essential oils, coffee, honey, etc.), and this part of the body is wrapped in film or a thermal blanket.

Massage and wrap will help you get into perfect shape, relieve fatigue and achieve inner harmony. In the beauty salon "El grial salon" in Alicante, these services are provided at a professional level.