Remedy for skin irritation and ingrown hairs.

LOTION TEND SKIN cosmetics, cosmetics from irritation and ingrown hairs of the skin (after shaving and hair removal). For men and women. Tend Skin helps to solve the problem, associated with hair removal, waxing – tool, which removes ingrown hair. This means, what it is effective for both men, and women. Use it, putting on the face and neck, and apply it on the body: on his feet, the bikini area and underarms after shaving and epilation. You will see the result within 24 hours.


It is recommended to use Tend Skin men, having sensitive skin, or bumps and ingrown hairs on it. Use twice a day to eliminate irritation. Then use every time you shave, applying lotion on a clean, dry skin. Do not rinse! Often change the razor blade when removing hair.



Apply Tend Skin after shaving to dry skin. Do not rinse! The lotion will protect from redness and take away the burning sensation on the skin after shaving. We recommend to frequently change the razor blade when removing hair, since damage to the skin from a blunt blade can perpetuate the irritation after shaving and to slow down the action of the drug.


Apply Tend Skin before treatment for easy removal of hairs, and after epilation, for removing redness from the skin for 15-20 min. The lotion will help clean your skin from wax and protect against the formation of ingrown hairs. Continue to use lotion within two days after epilation.


The lotion is a concentrated product, which prevents the growth of skin over hair follicles, pushing the hair from inside (ie. you get rid of ingrown hair), and isopropyl alcohol, part of the lotion, contributes to intake of vitamins and minerals into the skin, adjusting the balance of sebum and keeping the follicle open.

TEND SKIN does not contain harmful ingredients, such as formaldehyde, which can be found in the many remedies for ingrown hairs. Part of the lotion glycerin softens and blocks the irritation of your skin, and also prevents scarring. Acetylsalicylic acid, in turn, prevents infections and promotes cell regeneration.


May cause mild peeling of the skin, what promotes skin renewal;

If you are allergic to Aspirin, we do not recommend You to use this product.

In the lotion include: Isopropyl alcohol, Water, Propylene glycol, Acetylsalicylic acid, Cyclomethicone, Glycerin.

Buy cosmetics Tend Skin you will be able in the beauty salon “El grial salon”.