Artistic tattoo

Салон красоты «El Grial» приглашает на процедуру: artistic tattoo. We work with 2011 year. Our specialists use only disposable funds and professional dyes American manufacturer. They constantly monitor new trends in tattoo fashion.

Artistic tattoo in a beauty salon Grail

What we do?

Color and monochrome artistic tattoos in a wide variety. Hieroglyphs, various inscriptions, butterfly, birds, lizards, fish and other images, which will decorate your body. The price of a tattoo depends on the size of the selected picture and the complexity of its execution. Mandatory correction of tattoos have included the wizard.

Name of service Price, €.
Микропигментация бровей (permanent makeup: пудровая техника) 120 min. 220
Микропигментация бровей (permanent makeup: волосковая техника) 150 min. 250
Микропигментация глаз: Стрелки с растушевкой + Межресничное пространство (permanent makeup) 150 min. 250
Микропигментация глаз: только Межресничка (перманентный макияж межресничного пространства) 90 min. 120
Микропигментация губ: Contour + feather (permanent makeup: акварельная техника) 150 min. 250
Микропигментация ареолы груди: Contour + feather (permanent makeup: акварельная техника) 120 min. 120
Коррекция микропигментацииперманентного макияжа: спустя 4-6 weeks 60 min. 50
Удаление перманентного макияжа неодимовым лазером. 30 min. 50
Advice 30 min. FREE


  • pregnancy;
  • diabetes;
  • diseases of the blood, including Oncology;
  • a weakened immune system.

When doing a tattoo?

To an elaborate artistic tattoo as long as possible retain bright colors, it is best to run in the fall or winter. Fresh picture can't kill in 1-2 weeks, it is undesirable to sunbathe and Solarium. For quick healing it is necessary to use the appropriate ointments.

Artistic tattoo of a large size is applied in several sessions. Complete healing occurs within 3-4 weeks. Sensitive zones of master handles anesthetic gel.

Artistic tattoo: The advantages of our salon

  • Safety is key for us. All work is done one-time consumables, resistant hypoallergenic dyes.
  • Exclusive drawings. They exist in a single copy, only for Your body.
  • We help transform your idea or fantasy into a real picture. We invite you for a free consultation.
  • The drawing is discussed with the customer to the last detail. We know, how important a tattoo for a client, therefore customized for a perfect result.
  • Modern equipment. Quality machines allow you to perform precise lines and the smudge quickly and painlessly.

Call and sign up, office artistic tattoos open seven days a week. Each client is given a personal discount card with an initial discount 10 % и накопительной системой бонусов.