Ultrasonic infrared cold plate hair straightener

For any hair treatment, our specialists use the latest achievements in the beauty industry. Heal and make beautiful, An ultrasonic infrared cold iron will help your hair get a healthy shape.

In the beauty salon "El grial salon" the use of ironing is already included in the treatment procedure and is free!

This innovative, highly effective device provides deep hair restoration using ultrasonic and infrared effects..

Infrared ultrasonic tongs promote permanent improvement of hair structure and treat already damaged hair shafts. The iron enhances the penetration of nutrients deep into the hair structure, thus speeds up the therapeutic process.

An iron or infrared ultrasonic tongs is:

1.    Protection, hair restoration and smoothing, regular care for maintenance and intensive care for hair restoration;
2.    Strengthening the penetration of proteins and keratin into the very depths of the hair shaft, sealing the hair cuticle, moisture saturation;
3.    Cold ironing prevents hair damage;
4.    Gives hair elasticity, silkiness, density, smoothness, strength and elasticity;
5.    Indispensable for procedures to restore hair structure;
6.    Preserves and protects the color of colored hair;
7.    Gives quick and lasting results!

Our clients use the services of only experienced craftsmen, and always undergo procedures in comfortable conditions. Also, invariably, everyone is pleased with our favorable prices.

The use of infrared ultrasonic cold ironing in the beauty salon “El grial salon” is already included in the treatment procedures, and is free!