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Sexy Hair Company was founded 1998 year,  and the products of this brand have become an indispensable must-have for many world stars, including Jennifer Lopez, Angie Harmon and Uma Thurman. The Sexy Hair brand is represented in more than 45 countries, and in more than 60,000 licensed salons in the United States. In Russia the brand is represented with 2003 year, and the artists of the Bolshoi Theater became his fans, journalists from NTV channel, network of salons of Alexander Todchuk and fashion stylist Vlad Lisovets.

Widely known for the bright red design of the Big Sexy Hair volume line, Sexy Hair has become one of the fastest growing companies in the beauty world. Sexy Hair products have proven themselves because, that they "do that", what they promise." Spray and Play hairspray –  is number one in the US and sells every four seconds, having won more 20% professional hairspray market.


Today Sexy Hair is a full range of hair care products, as well as a full range of dyes and accessories. The Sexy Hair brand is represented by six lines for the care of various hair types.


allows you to get volume on any hair type and maintain it for several days. Volume products are available in a wide range: These are shampoos for volumizing fine hair, and shampoos to create additional volume, air conditioners, easy, sprays, mousses, and even powder for your hair! Another unique product of the line is a dry shampoo spray to create volume., which rids hair and scalp of impurities.

Special, unique polymers, included in all products from the Big Sexy Hair line, provide durability of installation. Natural oils and extracts of nettle, sage, yarrow, rosemary, aloe and lavender - strengthen the structure of thin hair, making them thicker and stronger, which makes it easier to create volume. Panthenol, wheat and soy proteins restore hair structure, deeply moisturize her, protecting against thermal and mechanical damage, and high octane, highly volatile silicones, included in all products of the line, and even in volume shampoos, give smoothness, elasticity and intense shine. In addition to adding volume, styling and styling are also heat-protective hair products. Total represented in the line 15 care and styling products. Unfortunately, Among the professional cosmetics of this brand you will not find hair curling products.


designed for everyone, who wants to have healthy hair. In this line you will find 10 funds: This is a shampoo and conditioner for normal and colored hair (dry and oily roots or fine hair), restorative soy mask, permanent mask with Argan oil,  spray for hot tongs, healing mousse, soy texturizing cream, soy hair spray with strong hold and flexible hold varnish. Unfortunately, Among the products in this line you will not find dry hair shampoo. It is in this line that there is a leave-in soy conditioner, which is suitable for adults, so do children, – after all, this is gentle care for the hair of girls and all family members.

Benefits of Soy – one of the main ingredients of this line – restoration of moisture and powerful saturation of hair with proteins. Antioxidants and solar filters protect against environmental hazards, they restore softness, tenderness and shine. Soy strengthens them, and saturates with amino acids, lost during blow-drying and chemical treatments, makes them healthy and natural, and the strongest natural energy booster – cocoa bean extract – nourishes with microelements: iron, zinc, vitamins, lipids and proteins.

REINVENT HEALTHY SEXY HAIR is gentle care for hair of different types, based on soy proteins, providing care for colored hair. The range of REINVENT HEALTHY SEXY HAIR products includes (5 professional means) you will find conditioners and health-improving shampoos for thin (volume product, giving healthy hair) and coarse hair, healing mask for coarse hair and shine product - color enhancer for all hair types.


shine products, providing hair protection. Silk protein combination, restorative proteins from soy and wheat, highly volatile silicones of the highest quality, as well as extracts and oils of medicinal plants, gives hair a healthy look, the vitality and softness of silk. Silk protein is one of the purest proteins. It is a natural moisturizer and restorer, which penetrates deep into the hair structure, moisturizes, nourishes, fills with vitality, making it healthy and elastic.

The SILKY SEXY HAIR line is represented by six products - shampoo and conditioner for fine hair, shampoo and conditioner for coarse hair and smoothing balms and sprays for fine and coarse hair. All products in this line give hair shine and silkiness..


allow you to achieve natural straightening of any hair structure. Latest developments and unique components, such as wheat proteins and amino acids, panthenol,  jojoba oil,  aloe vera gel, combine quality and control with power and protection. Thanks to heat protectant hair products, your hair looks absolutely natural. Six products of the line - straightening shampoo and conditioner, glossy straightening lotion, straightening balm, Smoothing spray and heat protection spray protect against high temperatures, restore hair, without weighing them down.


on the contrary, promotes the formation of curls. Six products in this line - shampoo and conditioner for curls and volume, conditioner for detangling curls, curl enhancing spray, balm and liquid gel for curls - these products eliminate excess frizz from hair, and makes curls textured, add shine, controls styling throughout the day. Innovative ingredients provide stronger conditioning and hydration to hair, increasing the number of curls. The unique combination of DynamiX™ ingredients penetrates deeply into the hair structure and fixes it with a long-lasting effect., preventing the appearance of a “minor demon”. Main ingredients of the line: Silk Amino Acids,  Proteins and soy proteins, Wheat proteins and amino acids,  Rice Amino Acids,  Panthenol, Dimethicone.


Line, designed specifically for modeling and styling. Great for creating daily hairstyles, and for the stylish, current and fashionable hairstyles. Each product of the line has a special property, distinctive characteristics, which allow you to create unique, dissimilar images.

All products in this line have a “MEMORY” effect. This opens up a new space for creativity and allows you to revive the styling without adding additional amounts of product by simulating the styling once, you can change the direction of your hair at any time within one or two days, using only your fingers for this purpose.

Professional cosmetics SexyHair (USA) For the 9th year now it has been actively promoting itself in beauty salons in Russia and the CIS countries, winning clients not only in Hollywood, but also on Russian television, in theaters, among pop and film stars.

SexyHair is a unique hair care cosmetics. All Sexy Hair product lines are based on natural ingredients, rich in amino acids, natural oils and plant extracts. In all products, including hair mousses, shampoos for colored hair use unique technologies and molecular ingredients, such as volatile, water soluble silicones, which do not accumulate in the hair, thereby, without overloading them.


This is a universal paint of the highest quality, created with the latest technology, which works, as permanent and semi-permanent dye. A wide palette of AWESOMEcolors hair dyes is suitable for every client, and the unique Silky-Shine Complex™ (This 3 wheat protein, different in diameter, vitamin C, extracts and oils of medicinal herbs, Beeswax and Candelilla wax) will give excellent combability, shine, hair elasticity, as well as protecting the skin during the dyeing process. In future, the Sexy Hair line will feature hair curling products.

Stylists at the Grail beauty salon 100% trust the products of this famous brand and use these dyes in simple, and in the most complex hair coloring techniques!..<