Capsular hair extension keratin

Women's beauty lies in the details. One of the main components of the hair is. Unfortunately, to grow long tresses can not please everyone – thick hair remains a distant dream. But today, thanks to the technological progress, capsular hair extension in Alicante available to every girl, wishing to have a luxury length.

There is a lot of controversy on the subject of artificial increase: someone says, such a procedure is harmful, others, on the contrary, I advise you to have recourse to this procedure, to quickly get the desired result. It should be noted, the hair extensions in Alicante at our salon is completely safe for our hair, as craftsmen have extensive experience and use only the best materials.

The price of hair extensions will depend a lot on technology, following which procedure will take place. The following types of building:

  • Japanese cold fusion hair extensions, which allows high-quality to lengthen short hair length 15 cm;
  • Italian – hot fusion hair extensions and artificial strands, when the temperature is regulated depending on the hair structure;
  • English method – capsule extensions with keratin resin. The price of this procedure is quite affordable, and do strands of natural hair does not require special care ! – this method is used by masters of beauty salon El grial.