Beautiful hair – a sign of a well-groomed woman!

Before you choose a hairstyle for every day you should know some nuances, concerning the length of the hair. What hairstyle will suit long and medium hair, that you can easily do yourself. Beauty salon El grial claims :

Beautiful hairstyle – a sign of a well-groomed woman!

To create a casual hairstyle don't need a lot of time and effort. Beautiful styling sets the woman daily pace to achieve their goals. "...Hair affects, how is the day, but in the end, and the life" – one of the favorite sayings Sophia Loren.

Current requirements for daily hairstyles

  • Laying should be beautiful;
  • The process of creating a masterpiece out of the hair should be simple, despite their length, the volume, and time into creating it minimally;
  • It must be strong, to withstand the activity of women and natural phenomena (rain, snow, the wind);
  • Everyday hairstyle should be simple, its creation should not require a lot of cosmetic products and other ancillary items.

For medium length hair

Pin-Up Style

Using styling Pin-Up, when the hair gathered back, the woman becomes more romantic and mysterious. Of short hair is quite hard to do a bun or a braid, but the best option will be hair Pin-Up. For example, you can open the face, by making the rear beam of the hair and release a few strands on the cheeks. The mass of options.

Waves and curls – romantic style

Very delicate work curls on medium length hair. Hairstyles such a plan look great on cascading and stepped (asymmetrical) haircuts. If your hair is curly from nature, we care for them just. On damp hair, apply foam or mousse and a round brush with a hair dryer to simulate stacking.

If the hair is straight, the curls can be done personally. Come to the aid of forceps, flat iron or curler. After, dipped in mousse or hairspray fingers are formed curls. Much more interesting will look curls, made with the help of curlers of different sizes.

Bouffant ago

If the girl prefers to surround casual hairstyles for medium hair, the best choice will be styling with fleece. Regular fleece will look boring, therefore, you should make a highlight, adding hair curled tips or hairpiece. Many famous women wear similar styling, photo which can be seen in fashion magazines.

Hairstyles in the style of 70-ies

Straight or side-swept bangs is well suited for medium hair. Styling retro styles back in fashion. Haircut "CESSON" is different from "Page" rounded bangs, making the hair look voluminous. For this hairstyle suitable hair is thick and smooth. However, curly mane hair will look interesting and elegant. The hair below the shoulders and no shorter than the middle of the ear. Master cuts hair, using the method of calibration. This technique helps to ensure, that hair will be nice and sharp.

Greek hairstyle

To feel like a true goddess, you can build a Greek version of the hairstyle. It is ideal for medium length hair. Greek style is very feminine, romantic and elegant. The main highlight – curly locks, various decorations. As accessories use tiaras, flowers, ribbons and barrettes.

For long hair

Beautiful casual hairstyles for long hairone of the main components of the image of each ladies. Many women know, that long hair – it is almost complete image. To argue this does not make sense, but it's worth noting, that long hair does not always look well maintained and beautiful.


If we are talking about the tail, then the mass of options. Every girl can show imagination and creative talents and to fulfill the original masterpiece, which will be combined with a touch, texture and length of hair. Ponytail are perfect for women of different age groups, and it will take minimum time. Such a tail is appropriate for everyday wear and festive moments. A very trendy version of the tail, fixed in the occipital. As ornaments suit all kinds of bands, hair clips and ribbons.

Hair in a "pony Tail" can be straight, slightly curled or stacked curls. For a sleek option, you can use specific cosmetic products, so the tail will look neater

High ponytail

To create a high ponytail is recommended before drying hair to put on their special an antifreeze composition, which will straighten your hair and make them shiny. The tail should be collected at a distance from the neck 10-11 cm. Hair pin rubber band and wrap a small (5 cm wide) by strand, fix the tail with pins and use a varnish medium hold.


With this hairstyle you can remove the strands from the face, which is very convenient. Also it will emphasize all the beauty of the length of the mane, back of the hair remain free. To create a tender image, you must take two strands of hair from the temporal area, fasten the Bobby pin them at the nape.

Hairstyle using curlers

This is one of the options, that will require some free time. To make a beautiful image is not necessarily curl the hair completely, original will look of the spiral to mid-length. It is important not to use comb, otherwise the hair will look like the haircut of Bob Marley. It is better to use your fingers to divide the spirals into smaller.


Very simple and nice hair style. "Shell" is perfect for weekdays and for a hike on a romantic date. For starters, you can dry your hair, slightly raising them near the roots. Comb and gather a high ponytail, spinning it into the inner side, holding the ends up. To hide the remaining ends in the shell, pin simple or decorative pins.

Hairstyles for all occasions. That is very simple to do yourself

Simple beam

There are many options to make casual hairstyles with your own hands, which is simple to implement. For example, this hairdo, as the beam of the hair. It is popular among ladies of all ages, current at any time, perfect for any event, be it a workout in the fitness room, a romantic dinner or working environment. Requires no special skills and looks very nice.

  • Comb hair;
  • Tie off the tail (can be low or high);
  • Twist hair in a plait, then in the node;
  • Complement your hairstyle with pins;
  • Optionally, you can leave on top of a bundle of multiple strands and lay them in rings.

Classic beam

Perfect for business meetings.

  • It is necessary to divide the hair into 3 part. To make the most of a large occipital;
  • Make a high ponytail, securing with a rubber band;
  • It backcomb inside, twist the tube on the finger, stretch it and fasten it with Bobby pins;
  • The final stage – hairspray;
  • Further input are the lateral part, they should be brushed;
  • Each of the strands to twist the flagella and secure on top of the bun with Bobby pins.

If the beam is to complement the beautiful barrettes, clips, flowers, other accessories, this option will be a real boon in any life situations! The main thing not strongly to be fond of jewelry.