Modeling is an important step on the path to womanhood

Feminine consists of many nuances – clothing, hairstyles, makeup, accessories and, of course, manicure. Well-groomed hands attract less attention, than shiny long hair, cascading on the shoulders of beauties. And if you have naturally ugly shape of the nails or even toes, you will help Modeling is an important step on the path to womanhood.

Modeling technology nails

This process is a technology for increasing the length of natural nails using artificial material. In addition to fixing the length of this technology strengthens the nail plate and in some cases corrects the shape of the fingers.

In our beauty salon in El grial Alerta used one of two kinds of materials – acrylic or gel. Both have their own features:

  1. Acrylic material – plastic weight, which is easily removed after exposure with a special liquid. The wizard quickly creates clean lines and can play with the color palette. The main disadvantage of the method is the unpleasant smell from the liquid, which is mixed with acrylic powder, the mixture is hardened, and you could do modeling.
  2. Gel material – weight, hardens under ultraviolet light. It has no smell, nails Shine, and the manicure looks translucent. In this method, few opportunities to make three-dimensional design. Also, these artificial nails are removed only by mechanical grinding.

In addition, there are other methods, which is likely not the correct nail shape, and strengthen him:

  • A mixture of glue and powder
  • Fiberglass or thin silk, mixed with glue
  • The gel Polish

These technologies are still approximately 2 weeks, they are less durable. However, the same gel Polish great for pedicures.

Features of nail modelling

Regardless of the material, modeling has clear advantages, because of that, and is very popular:

  • the natural nail plate is protected from negative external factors, including mechanical damage;
  • nails look smooth, durable and no redness;
  • they are the perfect basic for design, ranging from traditional French to the art of painting.

As the nail plate continues to grow and extend, every 4-5 weeks artificial nails correct. It is not necessary to worry, the condition of the natural nail in this case is deteriorating. On the contrary, sometimes the nail surface is leveled even.

Always beautiful nails – is the calling card of the modern woman !..