What determines the choice of hairstyle?

Every girl has a desire to be beautiful in her subconscious.. And even though the proverb says: "Don't be born beautiful, and be born happy", but I still want to get both... Our happiness and beauty are in our hands. Happiness depends on making the right life choices, but beauty very often comes from the choice of your hairstyle.

How hairstyle choice and face type are related?

Depending on, what type of face do you have, you can choose the hairstyle that suits you best. It will help highlight all your strengths and hide your flaws..

  • The oval face is considered the most universal. Almost any hairstyle will suit this type.
  • Those with a round face try to make it more oval. To do this, you need to choose a high hairstyle or make a bouffant.
  • A square face requires the owner to have long hair and asymmetrical haircuts. You can do the so-called boy's hairstyle, which will give the face more softness.
  • A rectangular face will look more proportional with long hair, even bangs and soft combing.
  • Those with a triangular face are not recommended to comb their hair back.. Long eyebrow-length bangs suit them.
  • The trapezoidal shape is brightened up with various hairpins and hoops. You should also choose voluminous hairstyles, which will help enlarge the top of the head.

Choose a hairstyle depending on your height

Choosing a hairstyle must be coordinated with your height. Not all of them are equally suitable for any girl without exception..

If you are tall, then high hairstyles and long hair will not suit you, because they will lengthen the figure. Smoothly combed hair will reduce the size of the head, Thus, increasing height. The best choice for someone with model height is medium-length hair..

If nature has blessed you with short stature, then all those hairstyles will suit you, which will open the neck. Thin girls should not give preference to short haircuts. This kind of hairstyle will make them even smaller.

For girls, who have an appetizing figure, stylists beauty salon El grial salon It is not recommended to choose short haircuts and smooth hair.

Young woman, who knows how to highlight her strengths and hide her shortcomings, will always have a lot of fans. This also applies to choosing a hairstyle.. If you add a smile and a good mood to the overall image, then her beauty will become exceptional.