Beach season starts with hair removal!

Ten years ago, a new effective way to combat hair growth appeared in the beauty industry - photoepilation. His performance was so high, which to this day many beauty salons, including beauty salon El grial salon, actively use this service. From now on, many of our clients – Beach season starts with hair removal! That is, in autumn or winter!..

The main essence of photoepilation

The essence of the method is to use powerful light pulses. Melanin, coloring matter, which is responsible for hair pigmentation, a stream of light rays is directed. This energy is absorbed, becomes thermal, which causes melanin to heat up and destroy the hair follicle.

Photoepilation is suitable for removing any unwanted hair – including above the lip, and on the chin, and even in intimate places. Since dark hair contains the most pigment, they are the ones that are removed the fastest. But with blond and red hair – this technology also copes !..  It is better to start the procedure in late summer and early autumn. The sun doesn't shine as brightly this time of year,  skin not irritated, and you will have enough time to solve this problem before the next beach season...

Photoepilation technology

Before you sign up for the procedure, you need to take a responsible approach to choosing a salon. Only in well-equipped rooms, such as, in the beauty salon El grial salon , an individual program will be selected for you, to make hair removal as safe and effective as possible.

The technology itself includes several stages:

  1. A specialist examines your skin for contraindications and determines its type, then selects the program criteria necessary for you… An individual card is filled out for each client, which keeps a history of all procedures.
  2. Two weeks before the first procedure, you stop using hair removal using wax or epilator. For 3 the day before the first session, you must remove hair with a razor or epilator cream. The hair length at the time of the procedure should not exceed 3-4 mm. One week before and after – you can't sunbathe.
  3. On the day of hair removal, you sit in a chair and put on sunglasses.. Gel is applied to the skin area, then they begin to move the manipulator, emitting flashes of light. At the end of the procedure, the skin is treated with a special cream or spray..
  4. To achieve the desired result – it is necessary to strictly observe the interval between procedures, appointed cosmetologist !!!