Draw the beauty with permanent makeup

To the girl, who is going on a date or just for a walk with friends, a large number of procedures need to be done. This is the hairstyle, and choice of outfit, and makeup. But you can get rid of one option for a long time. If you are tired of daily makeup, then the tattoo was created especially for you. It involves applying certain coloring pigments under the skin.. Tattooing is also often called permanent makeup..

History of the emergence and development of tattooing

Back in Ancient Egypt, it was customary to outline the contours of the lips, eyes and eyebrows. Thus, Ancient Egyptians laid the foundations for modern makeup. IN 1891 the first tattoo machine appeared. It was intended not only for performing ordinary tattoos, but also for the first lip contour tattoo. IN 1991 year, the first special machine directly for tattooing itself appeared in the USA.

Tattoo procedure

Coloring pigments are applied under the skin using a special machine with a thin needle.. The needle pierces the skin and injects dye. The recovery period after tattooing lasts one to two weeks.. During this time, all scars heal, and the tattoo takes on a truly natural look.

If you decide to undergo this procedure, then you should carefully choose a tattoo artist, since working with a special machine requires a lot of skill and experience.

The beauty salon El grial salon in Alicante promises, that the effect of tattooing will last up to five years. But this period depends on the influence of the external environment and on proper care of the improved area of ​​your face.

Tattoo pigment

Lip tattooing is most often performed in salons., eyes and eyebrows. Experts choose pigments with a mineral base, to exclude allergic reactions.

Permanent makeup can also hide some of your imperfections.. For example, correct the shape of the lips, change their color. All pigments, which are used for tattooing, do not contain toxic substances and are not soluble in water.

Before starting the tattoo procedure, the artist draws a line with a pencil, and then drives along this line with his typewriter. The entire procedure may take varying amounts of time. If you decide to make your own front sight, then you will have to spend minutes with the master 30. Applying paint to lips or eyelids will take about three hours.

If nature has not rewarded you with a bright appearance, then you can make it a little brighter with the help of a tattoo procedure.