The most important thing about nail modeling and nail design.

A lady with beautiful and well-groomed nails immediately attracts the attention of others. But not everyone is lucky by nature to have such a treasure., and modern cosmetic technologies come to the rescue. Today, when nail extensions are just as common and familiar for many women, like cutting hair, we can already highlight the most important things about nail modeling and nail design.

Nail modeling involves building up and strengthening the nail plate, correcting its form. Due to this, the shape of the fingers is even visually corrected.. Artificial nails modeled according to all the rules look luxurious and do not require complex care. And the most interesting thing is, that the natural nail under the artificial plate becomes stronger, healthier and growing faster. This happens because, that the nail is protected from mechanical damage, it's hard to break it off. And somehow I don’t want to spoil a gorgeous manicure...

Materials and techniques for nail modeling

When choosing a material, the condition of the nail plate and the desired effect are usually taken into account.. Gel is usually used, acrylic or fabric coverings. They may contain medicinal ingredients, improving nail structure.

Initially, acrylic material was used to construct artificial nails., borrowed from dentistry. It hardens quickly and is easy to remove. Later they started using gel, which hardens when exposed to ultraviolet light. It is less durable compared to acrylic, but it looks more natural. Mixed media is also used: "acrylic + gel".

Fashion trends in nail art

Nail technicians can work real miracles on natural and extended nails. The art of decorating them even received its own name - nail art.. A wide variety of decor is used in nail design: rhinestones, pearls, stickers, pieces of sea shells, mica, glitter, foil, etc..

Popular trends for today - elegant jacket with a white stripe along the edge, aquarium design, crystal effect, imitation of classic plain varnish. In aquarium design, the drawing is, as it were, “sealed” under a layer of transparent gel. And the crystal effect is achieved using transparent gel or acrylic, sometimes with a slight tint of pink, blue.

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