Removal of stretch marks and wrinkles. RF-lifting in Alicante.

The medical name for stretch marks is striae. Their appearance is due to a decrease in elastin and collagen in the skin structure, which could be caused by the following factors:

  • hormonal surge;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • taking certain medications;
  • endocrine system disorder.

According to statistics, every fifth woman has stretch marks, which can't help but upset. If newly developed stretch marks are treatable, then you can get rid of obsolete phenomena, only by removing them.

Removal of wrinkles and stretch marks in Alicante is possible using several methods:

  • laser resurfacing;
  • chemical peeling;
  • RF-lifting.

The last method presented is very effective and the most gentle. To remove stretch marks, modern equipment is used, which copes even with old skin damage.

RF-lifting– multifunctional system for non-surgical skin tightening, eliminating facial and static wrinkles,  cellulite correction and silhouette modeling. Tightening and strengthening of the skin around the eyes, face oval correction (age-related soft tissue ptosis), reduction of the double chin area.

Stretch mark removal in Alicante in a beauty salon “El grial salon” performed exclusively by qualified cosmetologists, with sufficient experience, which allows them to efficiently and effectively restore the structure of the skin.

Our specialists will do everything possible, to restore skin elasticity and maximum aesthetic appearance.