Wedding makeup is an important element of the wedding image!

A wedding is a long-awaited holiday for every representative of the fair half., that is why this day should be memorable and no events will overshadow it, because camera lenses and admiring glances will be directed only to you. Everything about a bride's look should be perfect., and wedding makeup is no exception.

Makeup for blondes and brunettes

Do not forget, that this type of makeup is somewhat different from everyday. Therefore, doing it yourself is quite problematic.. The bride's image should be both natural and expressive.

Blonde girls should give up bright and rich notes. Give preference to calm tones - golden, pink, beige, etc.. d. If your makeup uses eyeliner, then it's better to choose that one, which is more durable.

The tone of powder and foundation should be combined with the skin tone of brunettes. If you have dark skin, give preference to black eyeliner, if your hair color is close to brown, then the best option is a nut-colored eyeliner. The ideal wedding makeup for a brunette should be complemented with lipstick in a natural tone - it will make your lips plumper and add additional volume..

Wedding makeup should also be selected taking into account video and photo shooting. Do not forget, that in this case he should not be too pale, because there is a chance, that the camera will “eat up” the colors and clarity.

A simple recommendation - at the rehearsal, test the trial makeup in several options and better, if it's done by a professional makeup artist. The master will give the client the opportunity to decide on her preferences and see, what will she look like in this or that image?.

How and where to do beautiful makeup for a wedding?

Perhaps, Only a professional can do makeup, which will perfectly match the color and type of your face. Don't rely on your own strength, even with some experience. After all, a professional makeup artist has not only sufficient experience, but also by professional means, which allows him to perform the procedure correctly. So, if you doubt your capabilities, It’s better not to risk the best day of your life and go to the beauty salon “El grial salon” before the wedding, to a professional, who will give some advice and select your ideal option.