Treatment of back pain and back manual therapy

In modern medicine, massage occupies a fairly large section and is an effective technology for treating various diseases.. Manual massage is considered especially useful and effective., that is, “manual” therapy. IN beauty salon El grial salon Manual therapy of the lumbosacral region is actively practiced in Alicante.

Lumbar and sacral region - features

In this part of the spine, problems of a degenerative and dystrophic nature most often arise., when intervertebral discs are gradually destroyed. The disease is called osteochondrosis and is explained by this 80% cases of pain, arising in the back. The main causes of osteochondrosis are too high loads on the spine, heavy weight, back injuries, improper diet and regimen.

And lumbar, and sacral osteochondrosis are considered dangerous diseases, which are treated in combination with manual therapy, massages, physical therapy, stretching and special diet. The sacral region is rarely affected in isolation from the lumbar region, therefore, manual therapy of the lumbosacral region is used for their treatment.

Work of a specialist with the lumbosacral region

The therapist's main goal, working with osteochondrosis of the lumbar and sacral region, this is the restoration of their original anatomical structure. Using a manual procedure, blood microcirculation is restored, vascular edema and congestion are removed, relieves spasms and improves nutrition of lumbar tissues. That is, the healing process of regeneration occurs.

At the same time, pain reactions in the vertebrae and joints are eliminated, making life easier for the patient. For example, to relieve particularly acute pain, a specialist resets a prolapsed or pinched intervertebral disc.

When visiting a salon to see a therapist, you should understand, that treatment will not begin without a preliminary thorough examination. Manual therapy lumbosacral region is not performed in case of spinal injuries due to hernia or protrusion. Also, don't expect an immediate recovery..

Osteochondrosis is a serious problem, requiring a lot of time and effort to resolve. More often, minimum number of sessions starts from 10 and more. Although the pain disappears after the third manual procedure.