Lymphatic drainage massage for lymph circulation

Lymphatic drainage massage is a popular procedure for improving lymph circulation and its condition.. This type of massage is used for weight loss, weight loss, tightening forms and removing stagnant liquid. The technique is effective for venous insufficiency, swelling of the body and the appearance of noticeable bruises under the eyes, all stages of cellulite, high blood pressure and metabolic disorders.

The procedure is based on massage of the areas around the lymph flow., a technique developed by physician Pascal Coche, more than half a century ago. Such kneading promotes the accelerated disappearance of edema.. The technique of lymphatic drainage massage is in demand not only in medicine, but also cosmetology. Active effect on cellular lymph flows, promotes accelerated release of tissues from toxins and excess fluid. There are several lymphatic drainage massage techniques: manual and hardware, what does pressotherapy include?, microcurrent drainage, vacuum-lymphatic drainage massage.

 Advantages of lymphatic drainage procedure:

  • One course allows you to reduce body volume by two sizes, by removing excess fluid from cells.
  • Facial massage helps improve its oval and contours, and also removes double chin.
  • Accelerated removal of fluids and metabolic products by liquefying lymph, which helps to reduce cell size and significantly improve blood flow
  • The desired effect is noticeable after the first procedure.

Contraindications for lymphatic drainage massage procedure

Lymphatic drainage massage has its own individual contraindications, which such diseases may include, like allergic rashes, dermatitis and other chronic skin diseases, as well as thrombophlebitis, tumors and acute inflammatory processes. This massage procedure is contraindicated during pregnancy., regardless of the term.

Performing lymphatic drainage massage on your own is strictly not recommended., Improper implementation of the procedure can cause harm to health. Only a specialist, thoroughly knowledgeable about anatomy and having sufficient practice, can give a quality massage like this. The salon “El grial salon” employs true professionals, and modern equipment is used. One of the latest achievements in the field of cosmetology has become accessible to everyone, quality of services provided by the beauty salon “El grial salon”, confirmed by certificates and reviews.